The End to Banned Photography in Prominent Museums?

Following a visit by French Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin to the famous Musee d'Orsay in Paris, the Museum board decided to drop their previous ban on photography. We are all hoping that other museums will follow suit.

Written by on 24 Apr, 2015
Musee d'Orsay lift photo ban

Following suit with other major art institutions, the Musee d’Orsay lifted its ban on photography this spring. With roughly 3.5 million visitors in 2014 alone, the museum features a world class collection that includes some of the most well-known Impressionist paintings along with a range of sculptures, photographs and architectural drawings. Starting in 2009, the museum put a ban on all photography. While many other famed art institutions allow visitors to take pictures of their works, the museum held fast in its policy. That is until French Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin snapped a pic of a Pierre Bonnard canvas. Despite the tight photo policy that the museum held, the culture ministry’s charter on the subject is much more lax – recommending that visitors use their own common sense and don’t endanger any artworks in the process. How did the world discover Pellerin’s photos? The Culture Minister posted the…

The Rise of Impressionism – The Story of Paul Durand-Ruel

An Exhibition at the British National Gallery about the history of the famous art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel's life and work as he brought the Impressionists to the forefront of the art world.

Written by on 21 Apr, 2015

Way back in the 1870s a group of young artists were breaking from the traditional realist style and snubbing the academy (literally). Now-famous painters such as Monet, Renoir, Sisley and Pissarro were on the cusp of creating something monumental that would eventually change the landscape of the art world. While contemporary critics and art lovers alike are well-versed in all that is the Impressionists, their style and the artists who created the light-drenched paintings, the same can’t be said of their the 19th century counterparts. Harkening back to a time when the world was first discovering the Impressionists, the British National Gallery’s “Inventing Impressionism” is a show that takes the viewer to the 1800s and rise of a new style. Paul Durand-Ruel’s name may not be as well-known as Monet’s or Renoir’s. That said, in the art world this entrepreneur is a pivotal figure. “Inventing Impressionism” features 85…

New Book Manet Paints Monet Shines a Light on the Early Impressionists

A new inspiring art book about the tale of two prominent artists, Manet and Monet, as they spend one glorious summer together, told by art historian Willibald Sauerlander.

Written by on 17 Apr, 2015
Manet Paints Monet

Travel back in time to the summer of 1874, as art history is made in Willibald Sauerlander’s Manet Paints Monet: A Summer in Argenteuil. Sauerlander’s narrative details the growing friendship of the two famed Impressionist painters along with the transcendence of a new style. Sauerlander himself ‘paints a picture’ of the two artists, their summer together and how they influenced the art world through their masterful works. Edouard Manet and Claude Monet spent the summer of 1874 roaming through Argenteuil together, building a friendship on the banks (and waters) of the Seine River. While, to the modern day art enthusiast, Impressionism seems like a staple in the art world, in the late 1800’s this was not the case. Monet and Manet were independent thinkers who were, in the summer of 1874, in the midst of creating a new style that was decidedly different from the more traditional artists…

Roman Fedosenko Named’s April Artist of the Month

With an Impressionist style, Roman Fedosenko brings color and light to the canvas. Working to display the beauty of the world in his art, Fedosenko’s collection ranges from scenic landscapes to delicately vibrant portraits. It is with great honor that recognizes Roman Fedosenko as April’s artist of the month.

Written by on 14 Apr, 2015
INTERESTING BOOK by Roman Fedosenko

Hailing from Minsk, Belarus, Roman Fedosenko is an international artist who paints in both Impressionist and Realist styles. Starting his career in design, Fedosenko has also worked in castings and ceramics. He went on to work in different styles, exploring multiple genres of painting. The artist’s light-drenched works are bright, bold and often action-oriented. Fedosenko currently works in oils on canvas. Featured subjects include motorcycles, portraits, land and sea- scapes. The artist also captures the Impressionist style within a traditional-seeming subject matter, featuring flowing ballerinas moving on the stage. He mixes a realist edge with the texture-filled brushstrokes of the great Impressionist painters. Fedosenko’s works capture both an old-world and modern day feel together, while bringing warmth to the canvas through the subtle play of light and shadows. Working directly with clients and exhibiting in galleries has inspired Fedosenko’s art to grow and evolve. He chose to join…

Klimt’s Woman in Gold to Capture the Silver Screen

Klimt, the Nazi's and how one woman rose above the Austrian government to win back what was rightfully hers.

Written by on 31 Mar, 2015
Woman in Gold - The Journey of Adelle Bloch Bauer

Secrets, lies and war-torn Austria set a dramatic backdrop for the art-inspired film Woman in Gold. Starring Academy Award winner Helen Mirren, Katie Holmes and Ryan Reynolds, director Simon Curtis (My Week with Marilyn) tells the tale of a now-elderly woman’s quest to reclaim the famed Gustav Klimt painting, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, from the modern-day Austrian government. Mirren stars as the Jewish refugee Maria Altmann, recreating the real-life tale of the story behind the stolen painting. As “The Woman in Gold”‘s niece, Altmann seeks to reclaim the historic work that rightfully belongs to her family. Stolen by the Nazis, the Klimt painting spent years hung in the national Belvedere Gallery in Vienna. Even though the painting belonged to Altmann’s family prior to WWII, the film chronicles the ensuing legal battle with the Austrian government. Fighting against Altmann’s claims, the Austrian government refuse to admit the true… Releases Its New 2015 Spring Art Catalog

The Spring Art Catalog is one of several online tools is launching to simplify shopping for Home Decorators.

Written by on 19 Mar, 2015 Announces Release of Its 2015 Spring Art Catalog released its 2015 Spring Art Catalog today. The new online catalog, which showcases an impressive line of hand painted fine art reproductions, is the latest addition to the retailer’s multiple online resources available to simplify shopping for the busy home decorator.’s Spring Art Catalog features more than 500 best-selling hand-painted oil paintings divided into Art Collections, Canvas Prints from up-and-coming Artist Become collection, as well as a selection of museum quality frames to best compliment your chosen work of art. The catalog is highly interactive allowing users to zoom in on the art, view product descriptions and more images of the product by clicking on the “tag” link on each painting. It is a full catalog with full color and links to all of the products featured. The 2015 Spring Art Catalog can now be accessed in four ways: 1. Access the 2015 Spring Art Catalog…

Add a Splash of Gold to Your Decor

Shimmering, sparkling and glittering metallics take over home style in 2015!

Written by on 15 Mar, 2015

Gold’s glamorous, sleek and richly classy all at the same time. Decor featuring this metallic sheen is in for 2015. Style trends featuring gold as an accent color are popping up all over the globe. Achieving this lux look can be done easily without a total home overhaul. Instead of splashing metallic paint onto all four walls or buying an entire bedroom set that shows off the color, gold accents highlight the space without overpowering it. A bedside table coated with a gold sheen or a decorative dish in the metallic hue add a splash of luxury. If you’re looking for a way to connect the accents a painting that pulls in the gold color adds an artistic flare. The “Luxury Line” of art features hand painted oils on canvas, with gold embellishments adding to the artistry. Gustav Klimt’s masterful pieces in the “Luxury Line” lend rich accents…

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