The Beautiful Roman sets Records for Modigliani

It was first sold in 1999 at Sotheby’s for $16.7 million, breaking the sale record for the Italian artist. Eleven years later, history repeats itself when an anonymous telephone bidder took it for $68.9 million dollars - nearly 30 million over price.

Written by on 17 Apr, 2014

The Beautiful Roman, a voluptuous brunette sitting on a sofa with crossed legs, slightly covered with a light fabric against a warm red background, is one of best-known works by Modigliani. It is part of a series of nudes painted in 1917 that caused a sensational public reception since its revelation in Paris in that year. It was first displayed in the only solo exhibition during the artist’s life, so bold and groundbreaking that it was closed by the police on its opening day. It was considered an obscenity for its time, but the exhibition was eventually reopened after the removal of the paintings from the gallery’s street front window. This oil painting, also know as ‘Nude Sitting on a Sofa’, was first bought in 1999 by Halit Cingillioglu – a Turkish banker that offered $16.7 million for the artwork  (around 10 million pounds). In 2010, its auction…

The Top Pantone Colors of 2014 In Art Masterpieces

Give a warm welcome to Spring and find out what can happen when color trends meet works of art.

Written by on 14 Apr, 2014
Cores Arte 05 Celozia Orange

There is no better time to dream in colors than when the sunlight is back in the sky. And no better advice to follow than the one coming from Pantone, the international leader in color technology and trends from design to decoration. When we dare to match tendencies with timeless art, what were beautiful tones turn into true statements of elegance, beauty and meaning. And if the originals are too much of a dream for your wallet, we selected beautiful handmade reproductions at so that you can transform your walls into masterpieces. Cayenne (P18-1651) A high impact color, spicy and hot, that mixes to perfection the romance of strong pink with a hint of a Boudoir feeling. It looks enigmatic with blue and witty with freesia. It inspires confidence, passion and a zest for life, and it goes beautifully with “Odalisque” by Matisse. Violet Tulip (P16-3823) It…

Stolen Renoir returns to the Baltimore Museum 63 years later

Imagine yourself buying a box of trinkets for pocket change at a flea market. When you look closer – surprise, surprise! – the napkin-size frame inside it just happens to be a masterpiece worth up to $100,000. Serendipity? Maybe just too good to be true.

Written by on 02 Apr, 2014

It is hard to decide what is more impressive: the return of a work of art stolen in the fifties, or the idea that it was for sale on a flea market stall. Martha Fuqua, an ex P.E. teacher, says she got it along with some bric-a-brac for $7.00 (£4) in 2009 at West Virginia market. Rumor has it that this is not quite how the story goes. It rather involves an art heist, the FBI, an intrigued reporter and yes, a beautiful woman. On November 17, 1951, the “Paysage bord du Seine” was declared missing from the Baltimore Museum of Art. A tiny oil landscape depicting the shore of the Seine, painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1879. A work that filled an important gap in the museum’s collection that had no landscape from that period among its Renoir works. Until today no one can confirm the thieve(s)…

Native Baltimore Artist Sharan L. Samuels Named’s April Artist of the Month

She overcame all personal challenges for the love of art. She grew from black & white pencil portraits to bright prize winning oil paintings. Samuels is featured artist for the month of April.

Written by on 30 Mar, 2014
JAZZ Man by Samuels

Sharan L. Samuels, a vibrant artist born in Baltimore, has been a creative soul all her life. Her talent started to show in the early years, and despite the challenges in pursuing her artistic call – first as a child with poor teachers, and later-on, by lack of quality academic options – she ended up graduating in Graphic Design in her thirties at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. As a mother of two young children, she started in the field of commercial art and a design career to make a living. Soon she grew from black & white pencil portraits to colorful prize winning oil paintings, and is now a full time artist that not even a hard-fought battle with cancer could stop. Her call for freedom happened after her sister’s unexpected death. She left her marriage, her job and the South Florida weather and moved back…

The Last Supper – Juanes Vs. Da Vinci

It is the most popular subject in Christian art and one of the most represented from Byzantine painters in the Catacombs of Rome to the surrealist approach by Dali in the modern era. How can two Renaissance masterpieces, equally ground breaking, have such different approaches.

Written by on 22 Mar, 2014
la ultima cena JUANES

The Last Supper is a solemn memorial of the moment when Jesus prepared his disciples for his departure. The most known pieces include artists as Duccio (1308-11), Fra Angelico (1440-41), Andrea del Castagno (1447), Domenico Ghirlandaio (1480), Hans Holbein (1524/5), Il Tintoretto (1594), Valentin de Boulogne (1625/6) and Peter Paul Rubens (1632). Our favourite examples are the work of Leonardo da Vinci considered the first of High Renaissance art due to its high level of harmony; and the one of Vicente Juan Macip, the Spanish artist known as Juan de Juanes whose approach was also rare for his time. Leonardo da Vinci took three years to complete ‘Il Cenacolo’, in 1498. Sixty-four years later, in 1562, Juan de Juanes makes his own impression of ‘La Ultima Cena’.  Whilst one focuses in a dramatic depiction of Jesus’ announcement of his betrayal (Gospel of John); the other focuses the moment…

Looking for Klimt – Theft Case Reopened 17 Years Later

“Portrait of a Woman”, one of the most sought-after stolen works in Italy, disappeared without a trace from the Ricci-Oddi gallery in Piacenza. Now, seventeen years later, the case has been reopened in hopes that new DNA technology can shed new light on this cold case.

Written by on 19 Mar, 2014
Klimt Portrait of a Woman

On January 19th, 1997, the “Portrait of a Woman” – a highly recognizable piece by Gustav Klimt - disappeared under mysterious circumstances from Galleria D’Arte Ricci Oddi, in Italy. Apparently the theft coincided with renovation works, which required some pieces to be temporarily removed from the gallery. Until this day investigators are unable to determine if there was one individual or a group performing the theft, neither they can confirm if it has occurred through the main entrance or a nearby skylight. All that was left was the empty frame with a partial fingerprint. The “Portrait of a Lady ” is part of a group of female portraits made ​​by Klimt in his last years (1916-1918) and it is thought to be too recognizable to sell on, leading to speculations that it had been stolen to order. This priceless canvas is counted among the works currently most sought by…

The Top Ten Most Famous Artwork in History

A list of The Top Ten Most Famous Works of Art. These are art creations that you will not find in auction houses. They are national treasures and cultural icons that have become a part of the Human-race and Western Civilization.

Written by on 12 Mar, 2014
The Top Ten Most Famous Artwork in History

Every so often we hear of record-breaking auctions, as millions of dollars are spent by art collectors eager to own the world’s most sought after paintings. However, the most expensive paintings sold at auctions are not the most famous and coveted paintings. The top art pieces of human history are generally owned by museums, institutes and states, which are not inclined to auction them off to the highest bidder as these works are considered priceless… The following is our Top Ten list of most famous paintings of all time, found in museums around the world: #10. Sandro Botticelli painted The Birth of Venus between 1482 and 1485. The painting portrays the birth of the goddess Venus and incorporates themes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The painting is on display at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence Italy. #9. Water Lilies is a series of 250 oil paintings by French impressionist artist…

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