Ever Dreamt of Starring in a Famous Art Masterpiece?

overstockArt.com has developed a new custom art service called 'Star in a Masterpiece' where customers can 'step into' an oil painting and become the star of their own masterpiece.

Written by on 10 Nov, 2014
Star in a Masterpiece

overstockArt.com, launched today it’s revolutionary new custom art service called “Star in a Masterpiece” where customers can choose from various masterpieces and overstockArt.com will design and paint a work of art especially for them by “injecting” a favorite photo into the art. This new service was born out of the growing demand by customers to “remove” mundane backgrounds of photos they have and instead place an art scene of their choice as the backdrop. “The people who thought of this new service are our customers,” said David Sasson, President and CEO of overstockArt.com. “We’ve had several requests from customers to have their loved ones injected into an oil painting, the end result was so magnificent we decided to bundle it up and make a custom service we can offer all of our site visitors.” The process itself is simple. Customers simply need to follow the three steps described…

Celito Medeiros Named ArtistBe.com November’s Artist of the Month

A man of many talents who has exchanged the brush for the mouse when Digital Art was not even in the books. He has been recognized internationally for 50 years, collecting prizes and titles that range from the Louvre to UNESCO. This month he is honored by ArtistBe.com as November Artist of the Month.

Written by on 09 Nov, 2014
CELITO MEDEIROS CM10129 by Celito Medeiros

Celito Freitas de Medeiros, an international Plastic and Digital Artist, was born in June 1951 in the State of Santa Catarina – Brazil to a family of farmers. He started singing for candies and ice cream by the age of three, shaping clay and wood before eight. Later on, as a seminarian, he discovered Sacral Art – the pathway to oils, brushes and canvases. Today he is an artist of many talents: painting, poetry, music and philosophy. Eight years after graduating in Engineering at the Federal University of Paraná, Celito enrolled into the School of Music and Fine Arts of Santa Cecilia, in Curitiba, from 1984 to 1988. From that point on, art became the major area in his life. Throughout his fifty year career, Celito has been recognized internationally in several areas. Beyond a multi-award winner artist, cataloged in the Louvre Museum, saluted by UNESCO and with…

Art Travel Guide: Don’t Leave Vienna without the Kiss

Vienna, the city of music - from Der Graben to the old Danube, and then, there is the Belvedere Palace. Home of the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection, a master of oil and gold, a lover of grandeur who created the Kiss we shall never forget.

Written by on 03 Nov, 2014
Art Travel Guide: Don't Leave Vienna without the Kiss

Vienna is a place of many wonders. It makes us feel like waltzing between operas, strudels and streets pouring with history and culture, and then, there is Gustav Klimt’s the Kiss at the Belvedere. The eyes seem to have no rest from amazement at the Belvedere palace, from the Barouque grounds to the Grotesque Halls. Photos are not allowed inside gallery rooms. And whilst it may feel like there will be something missing on the way home, it also withdraws distractions that may hinder the full enjoyment of this magnificent palace. The Belvedere is only a tram ride away from the city center (D tram to Sudbahnhof). Once there, the luscious gardens with a view over Vienna would be just enough to make it a worthwhile visit. But knowing what the museum holds makes it a place not to miss if you are heading to Vienna. From Austrian art since…

Van Gogh’s Poppies Worth Up To $50 Million

On November the 4th, Van Gogh’s “Vase with Daisies and Poppies” is expected to raise up to $50M at Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale. A Still Life created a month before his death; immortalizing the flowers he picked up at the field where he took his own life.

Written by on 17 Oct, 2014

 “You will see that by making a habit of looking at Japanese pictures you will come to love to make up bouquets and do things with flowers all the more.” V. V. Gogh Art has something quite ironic about it, and so has life. Van Gogh’s work, from all the artists, is a true proof of that. As in Voltaire’s “Candide, ou l’Optimisme” Van Gogh once advised his sister, Will, to cultivate her own garden, to find joy and meaning in life. And so did he, through his work – finding at least the meaning. Flowers had quite an effect on Van Gogh. So did the golden wheat fields, so did the indigo skies, so did the light contrasts and its many shades. However, nothing was quite as rich in color as flowers – being color his great obsession. Whilst in Paris, he explored palettes of red poppies, white and…

Patrick Dumas is October’s ArtistBe.com’s Artist of the Month

A late awakening to an ever-growing talent. Dumas unveils a gateway for both the painter and the viewer, as in a psychedelic journey into art.

Written by on 16 Oct, 2014
ANTILUS by Patrick Dumas

Patrick Dumas is a French visual artist who has been getting the attention of contemporary art lovers and galleries all over France, Belgium and Germany since 2008. Unlike many artists, he has no childhood love story with brushes and paint; or any formal education in Visual Arts. Instead, he had an awakening and a rather fast evolution since he was first given the challenge to paint. An opportunity through which he unveiled a talent – and a path to freedom. Dumas was born in 1978 in Lyon, to a family of three sisters and one brother. There he lived, studied and worked as a Cultural Event Organizer. Five years after discovering art, in 2013, he moved to the region of Ariège where he found a creative haven amongst the forest and the Pyrenees. Art has then become a way of being, an urge, an unexpected door to escape…

Gustav Klimt’s Judith and the Head of Holofernes

A biblical tale of bravery and liberation taken to a place of lust and empowerment. Klimt’s version is, still today, as controversial as irresistible; revealing sin in sanctity and pleasure in darkness. An ingenious provocation: Powerful, lascivious, unapologetic.

Written by on 14 Sep, 2014
Gustav KlimtJudith I, 1901Öl auf Leinwand84 x 42 cm

The dark night had fallen over Bethulia. A (symbolic) place in Jerusalem about to be taken and destroyed under the orders of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Assyria. General Holofernes had been dispatched to take vengeance of all the western nations who would refuse to worship the king alone, occupying all the territory along the seacoast. Bethulia would be next. News had come to Judith, a virtuous widow who was as brave as beautiful. On that night, Judith left the city surrounded by the enemy’s army and finds her way into Halofernes camp, where a banquet was taking place. As she finds the man who desired her, she attracted him to his tent, seduced him, served him wine to the point of weakness and decapitated him with his own sword. This is the biblical story of The Book of Judith, the woman who set her people free and inspired…

Susan Fischer Named ArtistBe.com Artist of the Month of September

The German contemporary painter who sees Art as a connection between Source energy and creative manifestation. Art and Healing; Human and Sacred – they all are one before her fingertips.

Written by on 05 Sep, 2014

Susan Fischer, a contemporary artist born in Rudolstadt, Germany, has made from love and nature a source of healing and inspiration. As most creative souls, Susan has been painting since childhood; finding among papers and canvases a blissful haven for a challenging growth. By the age of 17 she started to learn dental technology to create ceramic restorations. A job that could seem so apart from her talent ended up developing her creativity, as her work resembled the one of an artisan or sculptor. Meantime, Susan’s observation of the world never ceased to be a source of ingenuity, where she found a way to renew her energy through the Elements and her all-embracing idea of divinity. She became an artist who sees colors as a source of healing and painting as a way to summon positive energy from Source to canvas. Susan’s art is a form of sacred…

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