About Us

About Us

Home décor trends turn just as relentlessly as clothing fashions — they just cycle at a slower pace. Staying current and abreast of what’s happening in the Art World and the Interior Design Community is something that can be of great importance to Interior Designers and also can be of great assistance to any home decorator. overstockArt.com’s mission is to provide a daily dose of information and insights to help readers stay informed: What’s hot in home décor? What are some tips that can help choose your color scheme? What oil paintings have been influential in the news? Find the answers on ArtCorner.

The blog’s features will include: daily postings from overstockArt.com’s clients and personnel on happenings and inside information that comes across their desks; comment threads from avid readers among the overstockArt.com community and Interior Design industry; and live links and references to the best ArtCorner-related blogs and web sites on the Internet. overstockArt.com is also in close contact with prominent art institutes and will publish scholastic insights from students and educators.

ArtCorner features categorized archives to allow readers to search focused blog topics, including:

  • About various artists
  • Art Genre and styles
  • Expert Advice and Interior design tips
  • Hot news from the art community
  • Changing trends in the interior design world
  • Hot new artists
  • Live Ideas from other home decorators
  • Art travel guide, great cities that offer great art

Want to stay on top of Art and Home Décor? ArtCorner.com and overstockArt.com will do the work for you.