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Patron, colleague, or rival? Paul Gauguin's relationship with Paul Cézanne shifted over the years they spent working contemporaneously with one another. Times certainly do change; Gauguin used to buy Cézanne's art and help him make a living. Now the pair top the record books for most valuable paintings ever sold.

As it turns out, the Mona Lisa didn't originally smile. A recent scientific discovery again challenges the identity of Mona Lisa.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London will be publishing the only surviving copy of  the Nazi list of "degenerate art," which are the artworks that Hitler and the Nazis set out to destroy; the modern art particularly popular on the list was Expressionism. Of course, nothing here is new in terms of knowledge, but it will be interesting to have a searchable collection of the artworks at the V&A website, which will be available as early as February.The original list was compiled by German museums as Entartete Kunst between 1937-38 at the height of the Second World War.  This list was split into two volumes (cities A-G and G-Z)  as an alphabetical inventory of cities, often identifying buyers of works as well as prices. "X" marks places where works were destroyed. As many as 5,000 paintings, drawings, and prints are thought to have been burnt in the courtyard of Berlin’s main fire station in 1939. Two copies of A-G listings survive in Berlin archives. G-Z  was presumed lost until the widow of London art dealer Heinrich Fischer donated a copy to the national art library at the V&A. It is unknown where Fischer obtained his copy. The...
Hi End Corporate Art - Corporations that hold cast art collections spanning centuries.

In 1472, the Monte dei Paschi bank in Siena established what is thought to be the first corporate art collection. Corporations have been collecting and commissioning art for centuries. Such collections if gathered into one show would rival the displays of art museums. So began the inspiration for such a show and book. Peter Harris and Shirley Reiff Howarth co-authored and curated A Celebration of Corporate Art Programmes Worldwide out of fascination with the history of corporation collection.

Primitivism is a "term used with reference to art that celebrates certain values or forms regarded as primal, ancestral, fertile and regenerative," according to Rodger Cardinal (Oxford University Press, 2009). At one time the term was representative of Africa, Asia, Pre-Colombian America, and the Pacific Islands. Though between 1905-1935 western artists began flocking to this subject matter and the term found its spectrum widening; this interest in "ethnic arts" by westerners was in a large part due to the formal studies in anthropology and by art historians. It seemed to be the closest that some artists would get to such raw material as supposedly represented within its own unbiased, cultural context. Though, it seems the artists were drawn to the inspiration for primarily formal reasons.One such artist is Henri Rousseau, a post-impressionist painter widely recognized for his work in Primitivism. He was born in the Loire Valley of France and worked as a tax collector; he was a self-taught artist. He never left France but many scenes of his works took place in the jungle. Other artists that explored Primitivism included Matisse, Picasso, and Gauguin. Though, Gauguin did travel to Tahiti but took up with a French colony there. Picasso,...

The canvas is roughly thirty inches high and is rendered from the perspective of a viewer sitting down to a rather surreal meal. There is the fork and knife, the glass, the beverage container, and on the plate stares an eye back at the viewer. The Portrait is the painting that started a series of profound questions among conservationists and eventually led to the solving of a mystery.
HE STANDS GUARD - Art by the Artist Peggy Miller

Let it snow! Here are four winter landscapes, selected from the works of old masters and the modern artists of
Francisco Goya Paintings

A look at the life of Francisco Goya from his play on light, political challenges, to his disturbing Black Paintings in later years.

The art world, as always, had another year of mystery, controversy, car chaises and multi-million dollar heists and auctions. Like a good "Bond" movie, the art world keeps delivering suspense and glamour all wrapped up in the beauty and elegance of the most coveted art pieces in history.The following are the top 10 art related events that "rocked" 2013...

In 2013, the world has seen fascinating works displayed in exhibition after decades by master artists and astounded by the works of hot new artists. This year in art marks the ability of fine art to inquire about our beliefs and place in the world. Here, we explore ten of the top art events of the year and look forward to what 2014 offers.Top Ten Art Exhibits of 20131) Not seen by the public for since 1980, Leonardo da Vinci’s original drawing which depicts an ideal of human proportions, better known as the Vitruvian Man, ran through December 1, 2013 in Venice. Leonardo da Vinci: The Universal Man at the Galleria dell’Accademia  brought together 52 works on paper by the Renaissance master, with significant loans from Italian and international collections. The works have remained in the museum's collection since 1822. View a short film about the exhibition:2) Speaking of the figure, there is an excellent show on the male nude in Paris which opened in the fall. The female nude has been the prolific gender on display in the art world, which begs the questions of Why? and What about the masculine? Masculine/Masculine runs from September 24, 2013 to January...