Changing trends

Changing trends
As the wheels of fashion turn, so do the trends in the art and oil paintings world. Read about the revolving styles and fashions of the art world. Explore new trends in the interior design realm.

As seasons change, so do trends. Find out the ten most popular oil paintings for this fall!
Don't Turn Around - Svetlana Tikhonova

Blending a variety of different styles, Svetlana Tikhonova uses oil paints and palette knives to express the diverse mixture of powerful emotions experienced in daily life.
Café con Leche - Lynne Atwood

Painter Lynne Atwood has persistently and passionately pursued her creative desires in an enviable fashion. Bright hues and soft lines typify a style that is warm, friendly, and accessible.
Amsterdam View Opus 1701 - Geert Lemmers

Hailing from the Netherlands, talented contemporary artist Geert Lemmers combines traditional painting techniques with photo collage to create a range of diverse and interesting images. By balancing smooth expanses of color with finely detailed photos and textured paint, he achieves a harmonious and eye-catching aesthetic. His minimalist geometric compositions, abstract expressionist paintings, and photo-collage elements are sure to provide something for everyone.
Top 5 Gifts for Dads

In order to help fellow fathers get gifts they’ll love this year, the owners of online gallery have revealed the top five most popular paintings for dads. A handmade oil painting that fits the father in your life can be a surprising, tasteful, and lifelong gift to the man of the house."When a dad is elegant and tasteful, his man-cave should probably fit the part." said David Sasson, CEO of "We love sharing our unique insights and customer favorites with the art world to help art lovers know what's cool and trending for their space, and what would make the perfect gift for the refined dad this Father's Day.”The Father's Day Top 5 list was built in part by analyzing traffic to the website from fathers in the US, measured over the past 12 months. According to the data, these stunning artworks are what dads desire most.The top five oil paintings for Father's Day include:“The Golden Knight” by Gustav Klimt – Austrian innovator Gustav Klimt created this image in 1903. The flattened space, simplified geometric forms, and richly detailed patterning are characteristic of his style. Exemplifying the poise, status, and honor of chivalric traditions, this piece...

This month the online artist marketplace and community at has selected Romanian artist Maria Karlyos as their featured talent. Karalyos paints in a raw and intuitive fashion, conveying emotion more than photorealistic detail. The well-chosen color combinations in each piece create an atmospheric and moody quality that really draw the viewer into the scene.
Wall Art

If you’ve ever wished you could afford impressively beautiful décor for the walls of your home, I’ve got some good news – it’s not as hard as you think. Find out about the stunning options that more and more people are choosing to complete their homes.

Online gallery of handmade oil paintings has released the 2016 edition of their list of the top ten artworks for Mother's Day. The list combines the curatorial influence of their staff along with a detailed traffic analysis to see just which pieces are trending picks for mom this year.

Berlin native Melanie Viola has been crowned's April Artist of the Month. Her unique vision, photographic talent, and continual experimentation make for bold and dynamic images. of some of the world's most beloved sights.
Spring Art Catalog, the online retailer of hand-crafted art and archival quality frames, has released a new Spring Catalog for 2016. The online catalog illustrates a remarkable line of hand-painted fine art reproductions. The newest edition of this part of the retailer’s blossoming repertoire both enhances and simplifies the shopping experience for home and professional’s 2016 Spring Catalog rests upon a versatile, responsive, and intuitive platform makes browsing quick and painless. The highly-interactive flip-book allows users to magnify individual artworks and frames and selectively share their favorites. It seamlessly incorporates a live feed of prices, descriptions, and analyses for every piece. The catalog features richly colored, high quality photographs and links to all of the products featured, whether on your computer or on your mobile device.Featuring hundreds of the most beloved hand-painted artworks curated from’s 10,000-plus selection, it is divided into various Art Collections, including choices from bourgeoning contemporary artists in the 'Artist Become' collection, as well as a mixture of museum quality frames to best compliment your chosen works of art. "Our mission at is to make shopping for art into a rich and fun experience, we achieve this by removing all the doubts from the buying process...