Hot new artists

Hot new artists
Hot new artists that will soon become world renowned! Read about new inspiring paintings by young aspiring artists that will soon take over our hearts and captivate our minds.
Don't Turn Around - Svetlana Tikhonova

Blending a variety of different styles, Svetlana Tikhonova uses oil paints and palette knives to express the diverse mixture of powerful emotions experienced in daily life.
Café con Leche - Lynne Atwood

Painter Lynne Atwood has persistently and passionately pursued her creative desires in an enviable fashion. Bright hues and soft lines typify a style that is warm, friendly, and accessible.
Amsterdam View Opus 1701 - Geert Lemmers

Hailing from the Netherlands, talented contemporary artist Geert Lemmers combines traditional painting techniques with photo collage to create a range of diverse and interesting images. By balancing smooth expanses of color with finely detailed photos and textured paint, he achieves a harmonious and eye-catching aesthetic. His minimalist geometric compositions, abstract expressionist paintings, and photo-collage elements are sure to provide something for everyone.

This month the online artist marketplace and community at has selected Romanian artist Maria Karlyos as their featured talent. Karalyos paints in a raw and intuitive fashion, conveying emotion more than photorealistic detail. The well-chosen color combinations in each piece create an atmospheric and moody quality that really draw the viewer into the scene.
Ralph White Artist of the Month, the online community and contemporary art marketplace, has selected abstract painter Ralph White as their featured artist for May 2016.

Berlin native Melanie Viola has been crowned's April Artist of the Month. Her unique vision, photographic talent, and continual experimentation make for bold and dynamic images. of some of the world's most beloved sights.

Digital artist Angel Estevez has been chosen as's Artist of the Month for March 2016. Preferring to create colorful and geometric abstractions, he also generates some incredibly surreal landscapes.

Representational artist Brenda Thour has been crowned's Artist of the Month for February 2016. Her charming images of the natural world warm the hearts of viewers internationally, bringing simple solace to art lovers everywhere.
Top 10 Contemporary 2015

Artist Become has released its Top 10 Contemporary Artists List for 2015. Argentinian expressionist Helena Wierzbicki nabs first place this year with “Doorway to the Heart”. Artist Become is an online artist community that showcases original art of both established and emerging artists around the world. A truly global collection of artists, the list brings together old favorites and new faces who saw success in 2015.
DANCING IN RED by Anthony Dunphy

A native of Newfoundland, Anthony Dunphy has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education from Memorial University in Canada. Dunphy was born in Carbonear, grew up in the capital city of St. John’s and resides in Japan. Making the city of Numazu home, Dunphy now lives in Shizuoka prefecture at the base of Mount Fuji.Inspired by his father to become an artist, Dunphy has been working as a professional painter since 2006. Along with his father (who carved in soapstone, sketched, drew and used mixed media -- but never showed his art publicly), Dunphy also gained inspiration from the nostalgic Norman Rockwell covers of the Saturday Evening Post.Dunphy primarily paints in professional grade acrylics. This provides him with the perfect vehicle to create his vividly-hued works. He also occasionally uses graphite to create drawings. His art was first shown in the Grand Hall at Grand Central Station in New York City. Following this, Dunphy was featured in exhibitions at Toyota Motors Corporation as well as at local Japanese events.The artist captures seemingly everyday moments in light-drenched hues, bringing the images off of the canvas with pops of bold colors. His “Telling Sea Stories” depicts a seashore scene, showing...