Expert Advice and Interior Design tips

Expert Advice and Interior Design tips
Read about Interior Design recommendations focusing on wall décor and all sorts of advice to help you decorate in style. Find great ideas to bring art and oil paintings into your wall décor.
Spring Art Catalog, the online retailer of hand-crafted art and archival quality frames, has released a new Spring Catalog for 2016. The online catalog illustrates a remarkable line of hand-painted fine art reproductions. The newest edition of this part of the retailer’s blossoming repertoire both enhances and simplifies the shopping experience for home and professional’s 2016 Spring Catalog rests upon a versatile, responsive, and intuitive platform makes browsing quick and painless. The highly-interactive flip-book allows users to magnify individual artworks and frames and selectively share their favorites. It seamlessly incorporates a live feed of prices, descriptions, and analyses for every piece. The catalog features richly colored, high quality photographs and links to all of the products featured, whether on your computer or on your mobile device.Featuring hundreds of the most beloved hand-painted artworks curated from’s 10,000-plus selection, it is divided into various Art Collections, including choices from bourgeoning contemporary artists in the 'Artist Become' collection, as well as a mixture of museum quality frames to best compliment your chosen works of art. "Our mission at is to make shopping for art into a rich and fun experience, we achieve this by removing all the doubts from the buying process... released today its annual Top 10 list of the most popular romantic oil paintings, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Back to dominating the top of the chart is [...]
Top 10 Art 2015

The results of’s annual top 10 list are in; Van Gogh’s Café Terrace maintains its lead, joined by several interesting newcomers.
Shop the Holiday Art Catalog's 2015 Holiday Art Catalog is now live on their website, available on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Showcasing their enormous line of hand-painted fine art reproductions, it's the latest addition in their suite of interactive tools to make shopping for art simple and easy.
iPhone App has once again reaffirmed their dedication to bringing their popular online gallery to mobile devices everywhere. Their mobile apps for iPhone and iPad have been newly updated to version 6.7, complete with fresh features and fixes.

You've made a small fortune for yourself, and now you're ready to invest. Looking at the current financial landscape there is not a lot of long-term investment opportunities that you can really feel comfortable with: The interest rates at the bank is at an all-time-low, the stock market is as volatile as ever, and you don't enjoy the maintenance and headaches of owning real-estate. So where does one turn to?Many are turning to the art world these days in hope of uncovering the next Picasso of our days, however, as a first time art buyer you’re not entirely sure where to start. From choosing the art to knowing where to get it (and what's a fair price to pay), understanding how to start the process is a must. Unless you want to waste time, money and possibly wind up with a room filled with art that you just can't stand to see, take a look at these tips for newbies to the art investment world.Get to Know Your Own StyleThere isn't just one 'valuable' type of art. What's hot in the art world changes constantly. In the beginning stage there's no need to chase after the latest trends....
Riviere - Una and the Lion

Add a creative, whimsical touch to your home décor with animal-themed art. Does this mean that you should hang up your old velour tiger black light painting from college? Of course not. Instead, check out some of these world class artworks that feature creatures big and small. Accent a neutral décor or create a flowing theme that feeds into the animal-inspired works. These pieces bring light, color and texture to your walls, while drawing visual interest. If you’re not completely re-designing your room, adding animal art pieces can transform the space without having to do a total renovation.Elegant animal art comes in many forms. If you’re not sure where to start, consider some of these key pieces:Una and the Lion, Briton Riviere. The depiction of the classic tale by the British-born Riviere can add warmth to almost any room in your home. The light-drenched lamb and lion, along with Una herself, evoke a regal tone that could easily accent a formal dining or living room space. This painting also picks up on the gold tones that are gaining popularity in design and décor.Askeladdens Adventure, Theodor Severin Kittelsen. The Norwegian artist’s nature-themed paintings are well-known the world over. This work,...

Valentine's Day is coming up. How will you celebrate with your honey? Lovers, who are also art-lovers, can share a view of some of the most romantic paintings of all time. In celebration of this holiday, feast your eyes on the top 10 most romantic artworks!Klimt – The Kiss: Painted at the height of the artist’s "Golden Period," the Kiss features the embrace of couple that was once considered to be pornography. While the image of the entwined couple is hardly perverse according to today's standards, in the early 1900s it was less romantic, and racier, in the minds’ of many critics. That said, the tender scene is a loving look into romance and the beauty of human passion. Leighton – The Fisherman and the Syren: The illustrated tale of a mermaid and fisherman, Leighton's painting brings to life a poem by Goethe. The seductive mermaid seemingly does more than romance the unwitting fisherman into her clutches. The sheer beauty of the Syren and her seductive embrace shouts romance. Botticelli – Birth of Venus: One of the most well-known works in art history, "Birth of Venus" is based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Between the goddess herself and the love-themed iconography, this is...
Marsala - 2015 Pantone Color of the Year

World-renowned color authority Pantone announced the new color of the year for the 2015 – Marsala (18-1438)! Named for the earthy, burgundy-hued wine, Marsala is masculine yet feminine. This dramatic shade is full of glamour while still seeming grounded. The complexity of the color pairs well with neutrals as well as more vivid choices such as aqua or marine blue.While Marsala is 2015's it color for fashion and home decor, it's also abundant in the art world. If you're looking to complement a new Marsala accent wall or upholstery in this color, consider some of these like-hued art options: Crown Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase - This work by Van Gogh includes touches Marsala in vase and table. The thick brush strokes ooze the color, without making it overpowering. This provides an understated compliment to a Marsala-rich room. Beech Forest I- The subtle shading of the forest floor in this work by Klimt features the earthy aspects of the color of the year. The overall color scheme melds with the autumn-like coloring of Marsala. Blackhead - Hopper's view of the Maine cliffs highlights Marsala in its natural surroundings. Not only does this painting feature the color of 2015, but...
Gallery Wall Example

The hottest thing in wall decor is by no doubt the Gallery Wall. Home decorators across the US are flaunting their artworks and collections in the most dramatic and creative fashion possible with a big wall with artworks and artifacts arranged together. By using an entire wall and meaningfully arranging each artifact, home decorators have been turning mundane walls into the center-of-attention of their home. Out of the clutter, the Gallery Wall brings on balance. The art you want to flaunt will definitely be noticed when it is so creatively displayed.With that said, their are some rules of engagement when it comes to Gallery Walls. They are not 'required' per say, however, highly recommended and definitely help to bring on a bit of structure to your creation.Here are five tips that will help bring many admirers to your awesome new Gallery Wall:1. Create a Theme For your gallery wall to make an artistic statement and look like something intentional rather than a hot mess, you need a theme. Something has to tie the items together. This can be a color scheme, subject, feeling, or shape. For instance, you may want to include all neutral-colored items or all rose-colored items.2....