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Rothko - White and Black in Blue

The word "modern" is defined "pertaining to present or recent times".  But what happens when Modern Art is no longer “present” or “recent”? To label the current period of art as Modern Art you should look to the forms and appearances of our modern realm and what art means to artist and the audiences in present time. Modern Art should be and is viewed as a swift and drastic art style with countless deviations. A different attitude towards art is arising from technology and society’s view of what is even considered art. In times past, artists were hired by only the wealthy and it was used as more of a status symbol by most. Now, art is art. It is acceptable to use art to express ourselves and show our inner feelings. What once might have been considered Abstract or Cubism is now being called Modern.  Artists are constantly looking for ways to provide an escape from reality. Abstract, Modern, Pop Art are all nothing new to the art world of course, but it has become more accepted in today's world.
Paul Klee - Head of Man - Senecio Oil Painting

Paul Klee began a career as a musician, but his soul yearned to let out the painter hiding within. Paul Klee is an artist that did not neglect his artistic calling, and worked hard for many years to find his style. Paul Klees's path to artistic recognition was quite a difficult one. His parents prepared him to become an accomplished violinist. Some people made connections between Klee’s musicality and his painting. In fact, as a musician Klee worked reproductively and traditionally, but as a painter he was radical. Legend has it that his grandmother Frick introduced him to pencils and paints. However, he had to pass the age of 25 years old in order to acquire his own style. Until then he maintained himself through music, which was the only job he knew best at that time. "I only liked what I was not allowed to do, drawing and writing," wrote Klee in his diaries. At first, his parents were skeptical about his new passion, that of a painter. Moreover, because of uncertainty, Klee joined the art field only by drawing, painting was quite unfamiliar to him. For this reason, he studied assiduously colors and their power over the viewer....

Now in its fourth season, the hit ad agency drama Mad Men has us going gaga over more than clean typography and innovative plot. Set in the 1960s, the drama focuses on issues not only realistic to the period but also mad modernists and stylish furniture. The 1960s mark Kennedy’s assassination, Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights activism, second-wave feminism, and the Vietnam War. However, the decade foretold more than political upheaval—a dynamic change in the art world. Modernism in the 1960s From New Realism, Conceptual, Post-Minimalism to the beginnings of Postmodernism, experimental art forms (such as Pop Art) drew greater public attention to artistic expression. Challenged by Pop Art, abstract expressionism underwent expansion in terms of possibilities artists had available to create art. Such artists as Frank Stella, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and Jackson Pollock. These innovative artists probably never imagined that four decades later their artwork would star on Mad Men, with some pieces being central to the plot. A Rothko piece seemed to have its own debut character role in season two. Rothko: "Smudgy squares, huh. Interesting." In episode seven of season two, we are introduced to Rothko inside Cooper's office. See for yourself. Looking back, we would think that...