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Heavenly Path by Karen Zima

Since winning her first art contest in the 4th grade, artist Karen Zima hasn't stopped creating, experimenting, and growing.
The Top Ten Paintings for Valentine's Day 2017 Infographic

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is here again. Lovers and art-lovers alike have been searching for romantic art all year long and now the online gallery overstockArt.com has released their top ten list of most romantic artworks.
Black Geometric - Joan Llaverias

A professional artist for over 20 years, Llaverias has dedicated most of his career to exploring the possibilities of abstract art. ArtistBe.com is proud to announce that he's been selected as Artist of the Month for February 2017.

The results of overstockArt.com’s annual top 10 list are in; a select few artists stand above the rest, while van Gogh slides in the rankings.

The new Holiday Art Catalog from overstockArt.com is one of their several interactive ways to shop for fine art.

As seasons change, so do trends. Find out the ten most popular oil paintings for this fall!
Amsterdam View Opus 1701 - Geert Lemmers

Hailing from the Netherlands, talented contemporary artist Geert Lemmers combines traditional painting techniques with photo collage to create a range of diverse and interesting images. By balancing smooth expanses of color with finely detailed photos and textured paint, he achieves a harmonious and eye-catching aesthetic. His minimalist geometric compositions, abstract expressionist paintings, and photo-collage elements are sure to provide something for everyone.

The rich history of the 'City of Lights' is deeply intertwined with the highest caliber of artistic achievement. Learn more about the paintings, places, and personalities that give Paris its reputation for culture and refinement.

This month the online artist marketplace and community at ArtistBe.com has selected Romanian artist Maria Karlyos as their featured talent. Karalyos paints in a raw and intuitive fashion, conveying emotion more than photorealistic detail. The well-chosen color combinations in each piece create an atmospheric and moody quality that really draw the viewer into the scene.
Ralph White Artist of the Month

ArtistBe.com, the online community and contemporary art marketplace, has selected abstract painter Ralph White as their featured artist for May 2016.