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"Creator Mind Machine (Abstract 82)"

Digital artist Angel Estevez has been chosen as ArtistBe.com's Artist of the Month for March 2016. Preferring to create colorful and geometric abstractions, he also generates some incredibly surreal landscapes.

Representational artist Brenda Thour has been crowned ArtistBe.com's Artist of the Month for February 2016. Her charming images of the natural world warm the hearts of viewers internationally, bringing simple solace to art lovers everywhere.

The Paris branch of famed auction house Sotheby's has been showing presale exhibitions for its upcoming auction on the 10th of December. Entitled "Art Impressionniste et Moderne", it will feature a great many works by some of the most influential artists of the past 125 years.

The art world, as always, had another year of mystery, controversy, car chaises and multi-million dollar heists and auctions. Like a good "Bond" movie, the art world keeps delivering suspense and glamour all wrapped up in the beauty and elegance of the most coveted art pieces in history. The following are the top 10 art related events that "rocked" 2013...

This week's post is all about patterns. Guess what painting was made by who. This will be your last chance to see what was in the mystery box. Which I will uncover in a couple weeks. This will be the last game board for a while so Good Luck! Last chance to see if you can claim this hidden visual prize. Come back in 2 weeks to see who wins it.

How well do you know your Art? Below are images of paintings from overstockArt.com currently available in our online gallery. If you think you can identify the artist and title of each work, please submit your answers by leaving a comment on this post. We will provide the correct answers  in one week (on Friday, August 27th), along with our next ReproduceTHIS: Do you know your Art? challenge. Good Luck! We will also be posting a congratulations to one weekly winner.

Many artists, particularly painters, have made a name for themselves for their artistic ingenuity. They've painted and brought new meaning to an object or a scene or an event. However there are seldom artists who make use of their craft in addressing day to day issues, such as poverty, love, freedom, communication, bravery, work and everyday mundane activity of human life. Norman Rockwell is one of those few. Norman Rockwell has made a great impact not only in terms of his art, but also in terms of his social contribution. To give you a glimpse of who Norman Rockwell was and what he's done that has made an indelible mark in history is to bring you back to the city of New York where he was born on February 1894. This is where he cultivated his gift under the tutelage of instructors from Chase Art School, the Academy of Design and finally the Art Students League. His artistic style was influenced by his instructors Thomas Fogarty, George Bridgman, and Frank Vincent Dumond. Norman's first major breakthrough came in 1912 at age eighteen with his first book illustration for Carl H. Claudy's Tell Me Why: Stories about Mother Nature. This catapulted...
Adam and Eve - Gustav Klimt oil painting

I ran across these recreations of Gustav Klimt's work on the Behance network and simply had to share them with you. This collection of beautiful and artistic photos is called "La Esencia de Klimt" which translates to "Klimt's Essence". As a long time admirer of the Austrian Art Nouveau painter, these fashionable, real-life recreations of his works captured my immediate attention. A group of talented folks have combined their photography, digital art, illustration, make-up, hair and styling (all found through Kattaca) to recreate some of Gustav's most famous paintings. I've added Klimt's original paintings for contrast:

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The month of March is Youth Art Month - an annual observance to emphasize the value of art education for all children and to encourage support for quality school art programs. one might ask, what is so important about art that we need an annual event to observe it? If we sit and observe whenever little kids draw, finger paint or play, it’s intriguing how they seem without self-doubt, judgment or fear of doing it wrong. A preconceived expectation of the end product doesn’t seem to play a role in what they are engaged in and in that moment they simply get lost in the doing of it. It’s as if they approach their art, free of inhibitions and with an openness to take risks, experiment and most importantly have fun. It’s as if being fully present in the moment and entering that space of spontaneity, comes so easily. I recently spoke to someone who runs a local community art school. She shared with me that they had noticed a decreased attendance in their children's art classes. When I asked why, she speculated that it was the result of kids being less and less encouraged to do art for...