overstockArt.com Announces Top Ten Oil Paintings for Spring 2014

The online retailer shares it’s insights on consumer art-world favorites for the coming Spring decorating season.

Written by on March 6, 2014

overstockArt.com, the popular online art gallery of hand painted wall art, published today its annual Top 10 list of most sought after oil paintings for the coming Spring decorating season. The list consists of the trendiest selections of fine art for spring, based on detailed analytics from inbound traffic to the site. These paintings represent consumers’ favorite picks to decorate for the coming spring season.

The Top Ten Oil Paintings for Spring 2014Topping the chart for the first time is Claude Monet’s famous “Poppy Field in Argenteuil.” Other artists named on the 2014 Top 10 Seasonal Spring Oil Paintings list include Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro and John William Waterhouse.

overstockArt.com has analyzed the gallery statistics from over 2 million visitors coming to its online store to shop for spring art, and finds the following top ten oil paintings to be the most desired and sought-after works for this time of year:

“By analyzing the visits and purchases of featured paintings on overstockArt.com, we are able to cite the most popular works of art that the public is looking for this time of year. The top ten list is a testament the seasonal trends that influence a spike in demand for Monet’s and floral Van Gogh’s this time of year. These masterworks are a smart gift for friends and coworkers who want to enliven a home, apartment, office or other setting. I encourage people to explore overstockArt.com to see the full selection of items we carry,” says David Sasson, CEO of overstockArt.com.

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Spring Blossoms in Art: The Symbol of Life

The Signs of Spring - A Series of Posts on the Season of Life and Renewal in Art and Western Culture.

Written by on April 9, 2012

Van Gogh - Branches Of An Almond Tree In BlossomAs Earth awakens from Winter’s long slumber, she does it in gentle – yet spectacular – fashion.

Long associated with the cycle of life, birth/rebirth, and renewal/resurrection, the Vernal Equinox – Spring – signifies a time when light and darkness carry equal weight, creeping towards the Summer Solstice when the sun holds sway, extending the light of day.

In ancient times, the dawn goddess Eostre (from whom the words “East” and “Easter” are derived) symbolized new light. The Vernal Equinox was hers – the time of new light, a new day, a new beginning. In many cultures, this began their New Year.

Spring Equinox 2012For the ancient Romans, who followed a lunar calendar, the year commenced in March. The Ides of March – beginning on March 15 – were sacred to many of the Roman gods and goddesses. Unfortunately for Caesar, the old, accepted beginning of the New Year ended in death – his (but eerily symbolic of the old making way for the new). Ironically, it was Caesar who implemented calendar reform to begin the New Year in January.

The Ides celebration also coincided with the Festival of Anna Perenna – a celebration in a Bacchanalian tradition with reversal of gender roles, followed by Kalends (the festival of Juno Lucina – a goddess of light and childbirth – and the source for the word “calendar”) which fell on the first day of Spring. War god Mars’ birthday also fell during Kalends, followed by other celebrations (some not so pleasant with plenty of bloodsport) as well as the festival of Liberalia, the Spring Festival for one of the original Roman gods (Liber) who represented fertility and wine.

The widely popular symbols of Spring: the deep purple crocus, brightly colored eggs, fuzzy chicks, rabbits, and the robin are accepted symbols of new beginnings, new life, fertility and freedom – and firmly rooted in ancient traditions.

Blossoming branches of fruit and nut trees hold a special place in our ancestors’ collective unconscious. To them, the blossoms were sacred and held the Goddess’ promise of life and abundance. Ancient Romans revered the blossoming almond, showering newlyweds with the nuts as a fertility charm.
For our modern human psyche, the seemingly sudden bursts of color remind us of an eternal cycle of fresh starts, a recurring miracle. One day cocooned buds add diminutive points of color to dark branches. Overnight, the buds unfold into tiny blossoms, multi-petaled gems. Life begins anew, offering the promise of sustenance as the year ripens.

No artist demonstrates the magic of blossoms more than Vincent van Gogh, with his delicately beautiful Branches of an Almond Tree in Bloom.

With this piece, van Gogh pays homage to the Japanese aesthetic, a reminder of the cherry blossom, with the fragile flowers dotted upon entwined limbs, laced against a turquoise blue sky.

Van Gogh, though a tortured soul, was able to allow the freshness and beauty of new life to influence his work – he painted Branches of an Almond Tree in Bloom to celebrate the birth of his brother’s son.

Why van Gogh choose blossoming almond tree branches is most likely not an accident. Highly revered in many cultures, the almond symbolizes watchfulness and promise of new life, as this tree is the first to burst into bloom in many countries. For the Jews, the almond branch was the model for the menorah, and for the Christians, it is a symbol of Jesus’ virgin birth. The almond blossom is also a symbol of bravery and courage, purity, hope and love. From Greek mythology, the almond blossom is a symbol of eternal true love, unconquerable by death.

Klimt - The Apple TreeFor all accounts the almond blossom is a sacred symbol, much like the apple blossom. With a host of lore and symbolism behind the apple, it’s no wonder that Gustav Klimt painted a resplendent Apple Tree, bursting with fruit and blooms above a floral carpet bejeweled with scores of multi-colored flowers (perhaps poppies, a flower also symbolizing beauty, magic, fertility and eternal life).

The apple is considered a sacred fruit, magical, and a symbol of immortality, life, love, youth, beauty and happiness. In the Bible it’s stated that it’s the fruit of wisdom. In Greek mythology, the Golden Apple of Discord incites a jealous feud amongst the Greek goddesses Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite. The Celts revered it as a symbol of love, peace, sensuality and fertility – and would decorate their bedrooms with the blossoms.
With the blossoms of Spring, the promise of life renewed is offered once again.

What are your favorite signs of Spring?

Spring Fever: Outside and in Your Home

Your redecoration worries are no more with artistic inspiration

Written by on February 22, 2011

With unusual weather, certain areas of the world are seeing flowers blooming early. In the south east of the United States, daffodils are shooting out of the ground and cherry blossoms are forming on bare limbs. The famous Pennsylvanian ground hog, Phil, did not see his shadow this year, thereby accurately signifying an early spring in the United States.

Springtime Van GoghSpring is here, which means watching your flowers come up and getting a little “spring cleaning” done. While you are cleaning out household closets (and maybe even the garage this year), you are likely considering bringing spring back into your home.

Redecoration doesn’t have to be a hassle. Often, it can begin with a simple element to focus the color scheme on. Since we are on the subject of spring and flowers, here are five floral paintings that may inspire your spring fever:

  1. Springtime Van Gogh - Branches of an Almond TreeBranches of an Almond Tree in Blossom 
     Rendered by Van Gogh in 1890, as restless as the painter’s mind this work’s color scheme would soothe a dynamic home. Pull the gray-green and blues along with the pale peach for a serene appeal, especially great for wall or fabric palettes. 
  2. Monet - Artist's Garden at Giverny
     Artist’s Garden in Giverny
    Rendered by Monet as a part of his famous garden and water lily series at his home in Giverny, France, these bold and impressionistic colors are sure to inspire those with a love life and color. Each brushstroke is unique unto itself. This piece is wonderful to consider for gardeners with a passion for cultivating plant life as did Monet and his rendering of it.
  3. Springtime Van GoghField of Poppies considered a favorite of Van Gogh’s works, Field of Poppies was originally rendered in 1890. Petals may be almost any color, and some have markings. Two primary colors in art–blue and red–sky and earth–are calmed by the green hues of the work. Movement is suggested, a spring wind. Take a hint from the poppies and let red be the color that pops in your home.
  4. Klimt - OrchardOrchard most of us are familiar with Klimt’s lovers and extravagant use of pattern. His rich, advant-garde brushwork is still evident in the yellows, golds, and the highlight of the sun on tree trunks in the orchid. Flowers begin to bloom among the trees. Spring overcomes even the branches, and the view is left feeling at peace and in restful seclusion.
  5. Red AmaryllisRed Amaryllis - Rendered by Georgia O’Keeffe in 1937, the artist was one of the rare prominent female painters of her time. She rendered flowers, bones, and landscapes. Many see feminist aspects in her flowers, the empowerment of fertility, vigor, passion, the feminine, and life.

These five floral paintings will assist you in finding artistic ways to welcome spring back into your home. Discover more famous spring paintings by master artists at overstockArt.com.

Spring Decorating Trends Bursting with Bold Hues and Retro Styling

Five Decorating Tips and Trends to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Written by on February 16, 2011

Get rid of the winter blues and brighten up your home décor for springtime. Design Expert Dawn Kail of overstockArt.com, makes it easy to freshen up your look with a top five list of decorating trends and tips for the season.

The easiest way to reinvent your space without making a huge commitment is by updating your accessories seasonally.” said Kail. “Liven up the look of your home with an assortment of accessories that bring in the spring color trends, which are driven by vivid hues and serene shades.”

Refresh your home for spring with Kail’s top 5 decorating tips:

    van gogh in red branches in a blue and white room

  1. Brighten up with Bold Colors – Let the light in and brighten up your home with bold colors and vivid hues this spring. Spring color trends include bright colors like classic red, hot pink, apple green and orange. Accessorize with brightly colored draperies, wall treatments, throw pillows, an arm chair and art work to liven up your look.

    The red interpretation of Vincent van Gogh’s famous oil painting “Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom” is a wonderful example of a fine art piece that will bring a burst of bold color to your room. By using white and crème base colors you will keep these vibrant shades from overpowering the space.

  2. Serene Shades – Experience tranquility with lighter shades of turquoise and white. Bring a light and airy look into your space with a variety of throw pillows in your favorite subdued shades and different shades of white. Add a touch of color with an accent piece in the color of the year – turquoise. Do it yourself and repaint a chest or picture frames in your favorite subdued turquoise hue.
  3. Print Designs are in – Print designs are very popular this season and you can easily make them a part of your home. Choose from big prints to smaller prints, from stripes to floral patterns and incorporate them in your space with wall treatments, curtains, pillows, upholstery, wall décor, carpets and whatever else you like. Use the print designs as highlights for your home or go the whole way and make them the feature of your design.
  4. Retro: The wheels of fashion are turning – We saw it first in fashion and now in home design trends – the 70’s are in. Orange is back and in a bright and bold way. Bring the sun-drenched shade into your home by painting the walls in a citrus shade or carefully placing a few orange décor pieces here and there. If you’re still not sure get used to seeing the color in your home by displaying orange flowers or hanging an oil painting, such as one of Mark Rothko’s masterpieces, that incorporates the color in your room.
  5. Homespun Charm – The texture of homespun fabrics are in. Vintage print laces, knitted patterns and crotchet detailing are the trend this spring and can be seen on furniture and in accessories ranging from pillows, doilies, tassels, wall decoration and more. Now is the time to bring out Grandma’s homespun handiwork and put it on display.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to reinvent the look of your home,” said Kail. “If you start with a neutral base you easily add seasonal décor trends to your home for a low cost.”

brought to you by overstockArt.com

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